Founder Biographies

Jody MacDonald

CEO, Mitchell-Corson Development

For over 25 years, Jody has worked in manufacturing and automating processes for international companies and a private equity subsidiary. As operations manager, Jody oversaw 85 employees with an annual department budget of $150 million. In this role, Jody also coordinated several large capital improvement projects, some in excess of $30 million.

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Jody has worked in process automation for many years and has hands-on experience programming large industrial systems. Through those, he has successfully increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact of several energy intensive processes. Notably, Jody was able to reduce the annual costs of one industrial process by $3 million per year. Jody reduced the environmental impact of another industrial process by 40%, while simultaneously reducing operating costs by $300K per year.

More recently, Jody has been a senior product manager responsible for product sales, and negotiating customer contracts. Jody also has 15 years experience buying, selling and managing commercial real estate.

Patrick Jeffery

Vice President, Mitchell-Corson Development

Patrick Jeffery has over 25 years of business development experience in a variety of roles, ranging from product placement and creation of a unique “profit center” at Amtrak, America’s intercity rail passenger network, to business development work for one of the world’s leading gold refineries, and work in commercial real estate development.
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Patrick has also worked in other business roles, including chief executive and owner of multiple startup companies, as well as senior management positions at FTSE 100 and Fortune 200 companies where he was responsible for government relations and market development projects in 14 states.
Patrick holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Boston University. In 2015 he received a Master’s degree in Transportation Management from the University of Denver, and since then has been heavily involved with the Supply Chain industry. Patrick also holds a certificate in Data Analytics from the University of Utah.

Patrick is no stranger to challenging work assignments. Patrick also served in the United States Antarctic Program in 2008-2009, and received the coveted Antarctic Service Medal, for services performed at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.