Our Company Philosophy

Following our Scottish Heritage — A Strong work ethic.

Though MitchCore is headquartered in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge, Mass., Both the founders of Mitchell-Corson Development, though New England natives, hail from a Scottish family heritage. Patrick is descended from the Mitchel family, from Scotland’s Clan Mitchell.  Jody is of course, a MacDonald, and the “Corson” portion of the corporate name is another family name in Jody’s family.

As a Mitchel and a MacDonald, both Jody and Patrick subscribe to those personal attributes epitomized by some of the most famous and accomplished Scots in history—amongst them, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, race car driver Jackie Stewart, and 19th century tea magnate Thomas Lipton.  It is our philosophy to emulate the determined and persistent work ethic epitomized by these and many other famous Scots.

Patrick Jeffery working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, in 2009.

Jody MacDonald shingling his summer home in Mid-coast Maine, in winter, 2018.